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Complying with the complexities of tax the legislation and regulations is essential to safeguard the long term health of any business.

No matter what your size of business, your aim will be the same - to pay no more tax than law requires.
At Shabir Nawab & Co we focus on offering expert planning advice on various complex taxation issues affecting your business. Our aim is to help clients avoid pitfalls and benefit from opportunities.

We can advise individuals and their businesses in all aspects of UK taxation and will assist with compliance reporting obligations and any investigations by the tax authorities. We will deal with all business tax matters, including preparing income and/or corporation tax computations and submitting your self-assessment returns, whether they be individual, partnership or company online. We also offer a range of taxation advisory services, including assistance with wills, estate and financial planning and insurance for professional fees incurred during any investigation.

Self Assessment
The term 'self assessment' is proving to be one of the great misnomers of all time. Many taxpayers struggle to understand the complex tax returns and complete them correctly.

The constant stream of changes to tax legislation means not only that the returns are becoming even more difficult to understand but also that taxpayers risk incurring more penalties through failing to complete their returns on time or correctly.

We can save you a lot of time, worry, and money by handling your self assessment for you. We will do all the necessary computations, complete your return, and even offer advice on how you can minimise your tax liability.
We can act as your agent, dealing directly with the Inland Revenue on your behalf and, should you be selected for a self assessment enquiry, act for you at any meetings.

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